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Standard Service Life of 25 Years

Corrugated Steel Pipe with Galvanized Coating. Galvanized Steel is the standard finish for all Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) and performs well in low-abrasion conditions.


Service Life of 75 Years

Corrugated Steel Pipe with Aluminized Coating. For more corrosive environments, Aluminized Type 2 coating offers superior corrosion resistance and surface characteristics of aluminum with the strength and economy of steel.


Service life of 100+ years

Corrugated Steel Pipe with Polymer-Laminated Coating. Polymer Laminate is a tough heavy-gauge film that is laminated to both sides of galvanized steel to produce a corrosion and abrasion barrier for the most aggressive environments. Polymer Laminate CSP will stand up to high concentrations of acids and alkalis.

Corrugated Steel Pipe

Brochure: Corrugated Steel Pipe

Features and Benefits:

•  Economical, strong, lightweight, and easy to install
•  Variety of sizes, lengths, thicknesses, and materials
•  Available in Round Pipe or Pipe Arch Profiles Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2 or Polymer-Laminated coatings
•  Can be used to reline existing systems
•  Approved to CSA Standard G401-14


•  Low Carbon Steel (Mild Steel)
•  Hot Rolled Steel
•  Cold Rolled Steel
•  Aluminum Steel
•  Wareplates (CHT400)